Crisis Committees offer a unique way to approach a Model UN topic by allowing for real-time decision-making and adaptation to emerging crises. Instead of one resolution, committees pass multiple directives in response to an evolving crisis. The Joint Crisis Committees are no simple rehash of the typical MUN experience. The Joint Crisis Committees are very different from the normal MUN experience, yet equal even the United Nations Security Council in their complexity and challenge. JCC consists of two independently running subcommittees whose decisions and actions immediately affect the perpetual crisis at hand, thus providing for an experience like no other. The committee offers an unpredictable, volatile, and urgent, but undoubtedly exciting, experience. The delegates must compromise, negotiate, and persevere in a battle of diplomatic wit; after all, there is a nemesis waiting, biding its time. Delegates must be able to think quickly, for a single crisis may alter the course of the debate and create new problems that must be responded to immediately.